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Comprehensive Data Services for Seamless Digital Transformation

At Entasker, we specialise in making the complex process of data migration straightforward and stress-free.

We adopt a collaborative approach, working closely with our clients and their system providers to ensure a seamless transition. Our dedicated project managers tailor plans to align with your specific requirements and timelines, providing continuous support to achieve all project milestones.

With Entasker, you’re not just getting a service provider—you’re partnering with experts committed to the success of your data migration.

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Your Data Migration Specialist

Collaborative Approach

We partner closely with clients and system providers for seamless migrations

Customised Planning

Tailored Project plans meet your specific needs and timelines

Ongoing Support

Continuous support throughout the project to ensure success

Expert Guidance

Decades of expertise in managing complex data transitions

Experience with Law Firms

Over 30 years of service to law firms worldwide, ensuring knowledge handling legal data

Stress Free Transition

We make your move to advanced practice management systems smooth and stress free

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Data Migration Framework Methodology

Entasker’s Data Migration Framework Methodology offers a structured and systematic approach to ensure the successful migration of data across different systems, minimizing risk and maximizing efficiency.

Our methodology is designed to ensure that data remains accurate, complete, and secure throughout the migration process.

This structured framework by Entasker ensures that each stage of the data migration is carried out with precision, from the initial planning to the ongoing maintenance post-migration.

By adhering to this methodology, we help businesses transition their critical data safely and efficiently, reducing the risks associated with data migration and ensuring a smooth transition to new systems.

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Data Migration Essentials

Data Migration Centres Around Three Value Propositions

Entasker specialises in creating bespoke solutions that ensure seamless integration of new systems with existing workflows and software environments…


Advanced Security and Compliance Assurance
Security is paramount in all our data management services.
Entasker employs cutting-edge security measures…


Scalability and Future-Proof Solutions
Entasker’s solutions are designed with the future in mind.
We provide scalable services that grow with your business…


Data Management Fundamentals

In today’s data-driven world, effective data management…

Effective Data Governance

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Cloud Based Data Management

A deep dive into how cloud technology is…

Data Security in 2024

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Latest Insights

Latest insights show a trend towards cloud solutions, AI integration, and enhanced cybersecurity measures. Custom software development and system integration are key areas of focus, helping businesses streamline operations.

By staying updated with these trends, businesses can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and stay competitive in the market.

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What We Do

Entasker provides an array of specialised services tailored to the needs of legal firms navigating system transitions and seeking to optimize their legal practice management.

Legal Data Migration

Customized 3E Development​

Legal Practice Management Consulting

Training and Support

Reporting and Analytics

System Customization and Integration

Workflow Optimization

Software Recommendations and Setup

Project Management for System Changes

Entasker’s comprehensive service offerings are designed to ensure that legal practices can operate at peak efficiency, with the most advanced tools at their disposal, and the knowledge to use them effectively.

Whether it’s transitioning to a cutting-edge practice management platform or optimizing existing systems, Entasker is committed to propelling law firms toward their next phase of growth and success.