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Quality Data Engineering Services

At Entasker, we offer a detailed evaluation of your law firm’s current quality engineering processes, encompassing test automation, performance testing, and application security testing. Our goal is to provide you with independent, insightful analysis on your firm’s existing practices measured against the benchmarks of DevSecOps methodologies

This evaluation equips your team with a clear direction and a tailored roadmap to enhance the sophistication of your quality engineering functions.

Comprehensive Assessment Services

Quality Engineering Maturity Assessment: We gauge the maturity of your current quality engineering processes, providing a clear picture of where you stand and how you can improve.

UI and API Test Automation & Framework Assessments: We examine your test automation strategies for both user interfaces and application programming interfaces, ensuring your testing frameworks are robust and effective.

Non-Functional Testing Risk Assessments: Our team assesses the potential risks in your non-functional testing areas, such as system performance, usability, and reliability, to mitigate any issues that could impact functionality.

Application Security Testing Assessments: We scrutinize your application security testing protocols to ensure your systems and data remain impenetrable against emerging threats.

Governance, Documentation, and Code Repository Standards: We review your governance policies, documentation quality, and code repository practices to ensure they meet industry standards and promote operational excellence.

Full-Spectrum Implementation

Unlike other consultancies, Entasker’s in-house professional services team doesn’t just stop at advising – we’re equipped to implement the recommended strategies for you.

Working in tandem with your existing teams, we act as a seamless extension of your firm, dedicated to operationalizing the enhancements and ensuring they bring tangible improvements to your practice.

Let Entasker help you elevate your law firm’s quality engineering functions to new heights of excellence, providing you with not only the plan but also the execution that drives success.