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What We Do

Entasker provides an array of specialised services tailored to the needs of legal firms navigating system transitions and seeking to optimize their legal practice management.

Legal Data Migration

Expertly migrating data from any legal accounting system to a new platform, ensuring data integrity.

Training and Support

Providing comprehensive training for new systems and ongoing support for smooth operations.

Reporting and Analytics

Creating specialized reports and analytics to transform data into actionable insights.

Customized 3E Development

Advanced 3E application development, including custom reports, workflow automation, and bespoke customization.

Legal Practice Management Consulting

Strategic advice on improving law firm processes and selecting the best practice management software.

Workflow Optimization

Enhancing productivity by automating and refining workflows and implementing best practices.

System Customization and Integration

Tailoring systems to each firm's needs and integrating different systems for a unified management approach.

Compliance and Security Consulting

Ensuring legal and data protection compliance and advising on data security best practices.

Project Management for System Changes

Overseeing system changes from planning to execution, ensuring projects are on track and within budget.

Software Recommendations and Setup

Evaluating and recommending software solutions like Smokeball and Infinity, and assisting with setup and configuration.

Entasker’s comprehensive service offerings are designed to ensure that legal practices can operate at peak efficiency, with the most advanced tools at their disposal, and the knowledge to use them effectively.

Whether it’s transitioning to a cutting-edge practice management platform or optimizing existing systems, Entasker is committed to propelling law firms toward their next phase of growth and success.